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"The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Too......" I am sure you can see why we enjoy as good a weather story east of the Mississippi. With that being said, please call me to discuss your relocation plans. 352-422-5297


As you can see, The Nature Coast has not been landfall to a major storm in more than 70 years so our hurricane insurance reflects that. Also, I would like to note that our county sits on a ridge which is over 250 feet above sea level. Citrus Hills is on the ridge, and you will save a considerable amount of money on your insurance because you will not need flood insurance.

OK, I saved the best for last. April and October are two of our best months on the Nature Coast but it goes a little deeper than just temperature. The great thing about these months is that I refer to them as our bonus months. As South Florida starts their summer time pattern roughly April 1st with higher humidity which continues through the end of October. The Nature Coast enjoys less humidity in these two months. So we have roughly 40 to 50 days that are much more comfortable vs our friends in South Florida. Folks, that is significant… and that is why I argue that we have a better weather story than any other part of Florida.

SUMMER TIME- As you can see, very similar throughout the peninsula but one saving grace on the Nature Coast is that with our rolling hills we enjoy the Gulf Breeze all summer and our humidity is a bit less than what you will encounter in South Florida because of the Everglades. Because of the said Everglades, South Florida’s humidity is 10 basis points higher than what you will find here. That affords us a bit more comfort.

As mentioned above, please see how when a cold front comes through Florida it affects both Citrus County (Crystal River) and Naples and how similar our day time temperatures are. The point being is that for a few degrees difference in the winter months that will not affect your golf game, you will experience roughly 45 to 60 days that are better in the shoulder months.


NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION…… I want to tell you about the best weather story in the State. Being in the golf business in south Florida, the Orlando area and living on the Natures Coast I made my money on weather so I have a better understanding on the weather than most and I feel strongly that total year around weather story on the Nature Coast is better than anywhere else in Florida. Let me explain. First, we have 219 days per year that fall into the "comfort zone." What this means is that for 219 days, you will not need heat or air conditioning. That is 60% of the year. But to give you a better idea of what I am talking about, let me break it down by three seasons. January, July, and Spring/Fall which is our sweet spot. First, January. There is a big myth out there about the frost line and that it is much colder in our area vs our brethen in South Florida. Yes, we have some nights that get into the 40's and 30's but the next day we rebound into the high 50's or low 60's and when this happening here, roughly the same thing is happening in Naples but 6 degrees warmer. So when we have a 60 degree day, Naples is only at 66. (PLEASE SEE 10 Day Forcasts for Naples and Crystal River. It explains perfectly.) In my opinion, this is splitting hairs and the good news is that these cold snaps only last a couple of days and were back to our average of 70 degrees. The bottom line is whenever I ask anyone their favorite month up north, the overwhelming answer is September. The good news is that our Winter months of December and January have the same average temperatures as you enjoy in September. PS- February and March are even more glorious here in Citrus County. PS- Please read the complete story. You will see why......

"David is right about the weather, it is the best for year round residence." Olivia Johnson